Saturday, 12 January 2013

Monday, 6 February 2012

The Horses Glen

It's been a while since my last post but I'm still here. Yesterday the KMC
climbed in the Horses Glen led by Ger Bluett (Him in the pic).  We had
a large group of 25 people. Some members that we havn't seen for a
while and a fine group of new people. Ten of us broke away to scramble a route up the back wall over Lough Erogh whilst the rest took the easy route up towards Stoompa. The big group reassembled on the Mangerton plateau after lunch and headed back via Mangerton North.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

St. Stephen's Day

Well! What a superb day for a climb - yea, right. Wind blown rain etc. did not deter us from our annual pilgimage to Carrantuathail. The Lisliebane carpark had a few more cars than last year. Our group of five soon became four as Etna slowed to talk to all and sundry as we overtook them. We opted for Central gully as all other routes had water p***ing down them. Lunch was a "soggy sandwich" affair, shortlived as the chill crept in. The wind, during our descent towards the Ladder, was stormforce. The relative calm on the Heavenly Gates track was blissful. Given the conditions our 2hr55m time seemed respectable.

Monday, 28 November 2011


Yippee a fine day at last. The objective today is Caherconree - Baurtregaum from the northern side. The group was small and compatible so the pace was good. We walked as far as the first lake and then climbed a steep grassy slope to reach the ridge laeding to Caherconree. The views from the ridge were great, sweeping from Fenit to Brandon Head. Too early for lunch so we headed to Baurtregaum, which we reached with 30 secs to spare 'til one o'clock. Lunch was had in cold clear conditions, again the viewsx were good.

After lunch we headed along the ridge North and as it was still early we bypassed the Scragg spur and went down the next one. A km. or so along the Dingle Way got us back to the track to our cars. A brief stop in Blennerville for a pint and then back to Killarney to watch Man City v Liverpool.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


On arrival at Inchiquin last Sunday we knew that a wet day was in prospect. Etna warned us that it was a boggy walk - she didn't exaggerate!! We had a view for a while but that soon disappeared. It is totally featureless ground so maps and compasses and of course gps gadgets abounded. Connie played a blinder with his Satmap but his version of a straight line is at variance with everybody else. We had lunch on Knocknagorraveela and spent the next while trying to find Coomnadiha. From there the walk to the end was easy but long with a six foot high deer fence to cross. Darkness descended just as we reached the cars. Lots of requests to omit this walk from future calendars but....

Monday, 17 October 2011

Yesterday's Walk

A short note as an addendum to Felicia's entry. Yes indeed a very good day out but it should be noted that the leader took a lift from Jammon for the last 500m!!!!!!!

Kates to Lough Acoose.....

Well, when I was looking back over old calendars I saw this walk and decided to resurrect it,
I sent out an e- mail stating that this walk although not "hardcore" would be long with not too much height gain....... and I have to say it was all of that!

There are no huge climbs but a steady up and down gave us a total of 1600M climbing and as for long? an impressive 25KM!

We met at Kates and dispatched the drivers off to our ending point at Lough Acoose, they then took a taxi back to Kates which delayed the start a bit too long (they blame the taxi driver and not a certain club member who was missing, although he claims he followed the Chairmans directions to the letter!) If this walk is repeated any time I would suggest being at Kates at 9am not 10.15.

Then off we went up Strickeen, and over the bog and then some more bog.... eventually we hit the road, it was a speedy decent lead by Mr Chairman (rumour had it that the scones were just out of the oven at the cafe!) then onto the Kerry Way.
Along the way there is a sign that says the Cookie Monster Cafe is 2.2km away, it is a cruel joke that, don't believe it! It was a first to schedule a cafe stop but having never been there before I was curious to see if it lived up to its reputation, and it does!
So we stopped for tea and scones or soup for some and although it was lovely it was very hard to get going again, especially since the steepest climb of the day is literally across the road, but since we were all refuelled we made it and headed down to the cars.

There was a new recruit who now thinks that leisurely strolls and stopping for tea are the usual - I pity him for the next walk!

The weather was good, only a few short showers, not too cold, the scenery was beautiful and the company (12 other than myself) was excellent!

Other than the continual shout of "are we there yet?" I'd say this walk was a great success!